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Thailand Insurance at Competitive Prices

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

If you live and work in Thailand you may be interested to know that I can offer a number of different Thai domestic insurance policies and very competitive prices.

Below is a brief overview of what I can offer for both personal and business insurance. For more details and a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Buildings and Contents Insurance - Domestic

Suitable for a private home or condominium. Flexible building and home contents cover with protection for high-value items and/or foundation cover.

Choose your preferred cover based on your specific needs. Start with your main building or contents coverage and then tailor your plan with suitable coverage for your living style.

Perfect for those who own or rent their property. Also for landlords and landladies who have a portfolio of properties they rent out.

Buildings and Contents Insurance - Business

As you build up your business, it pays to protect your business property and all the important equipment you have purchased for your business, whether that is manufacturing equipment of things like office equipment.

Whether it’s the bricks and mortar, fittings, contents or stock, we have cover available to allow your business to keep going should an insured event occur.

Motor Insurance – Car, Van, Lorry, Bus

A range of different types of motor insurance is available for whatever vehicle you drive.

Full coverage is provided to an insured vehicle in situations such as collisions, theft, fire, flood, natural perils or total loss caused by accident.

It will cover the driver, passengers and third parties. (As per details stated in each policy.)

Medical Insurance – including cover for a Thai Spouse/Partner and Children

If you’re looking for health insurance for your Thai partner, spouse or children, then you’re in the right place.

Health care solutions and plans are available to suit the needs of expats and Thai citizens looking for family health insurance, with medical insurance plans are designed to ensure excellent local coverage.

Medical Insurance – Group Health Policies

If you own or manage a business in Thailand, or are responsible for the Thai subsidiary of an international company, then a range of group health policies are available to you.

Employees say that having their employee health insurance taken care of by their company in Thailand is one of the best work benefits and makes them feel more valued.

Group members can benefit from comprehensive cover for routine medical treatments as well as cover against unexpected medical incidents, accidents and illnesses.

Travel Insurance for Thai Residents Travelling within Thailand and Overseas

Competitively priced yet comprehensive travel insurance is available for those travelling within or outside of Thailand.

Whether you are going on holiday or a business trip, have peace of mind when you travel with comprehensive travel insurance coverage and 24-hour assistance. Choose from International single-trip or a multi-trip annual policy.

For more details on insurance in Thailand, please contact me.


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