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Strategic Expat's Monopoly Christmas Crackers (Just for Fun)

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

How to win (almost) every game of Monopoly this Christmas - And Maybe a Few Ideas about Investing too

Board games at Christmas are the perfect way to have fun with the family and let that festive feast settle.

A survey in 2022 by British video game retailer, ‘GAME’ shows that the classic games are still the best.

Monopoly took the top spot as the best Christmas game for families, with 37% of survey respondents playing the game over the festive season.

The real estate investment game, first launched in 1935, beat other classic games, such as Trivial Pursuit, which received 15% of the votes.

However, it is far from the perfect holiday game, as it is the one most likely to cause an argument. In fact, more than a third (35%) said the game is responsible for squabbles with family.

There is no doubt the game can cause a little frustration. But with these tips and strategies, you might just be able to give yourself the edge this Christmas, and it might give you a few ideas about investing too, depending upon your state of sobriety at the time of course!

Strategic Expat’s Monopoly Christmas Crackers

Start Strong

A big mistake people often make is avoiding smaller properties. Instead, they save their money for the more expensive options further around the Monopoly board.

A slow and steady approach will often cost you the game, so don’t save money. Instead, invest your money early and reap the rewards later in the game.

Buy Red and Orange

Did you know that statistically, red and orange properties are landed on the most?

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to snap up these properties as early as possible. Doing so means you collect more rent and increase your chances of winning.

Buy the Railways

Owning all four of the railway stations can improve your chances of winning, because of course, once you have all of them, you have the opportunity to pocket money from all four sides of the board.

If you don’t buy them all, buy at least one, to stop any other player from owning all four!

Avoid Utilities

Railways offer better investment returns than utilities. Also, there are only two utilities, meaning there is only a 1 in 36 chance you will profit from them.

Three Houses are Better than One

Make it your number one priority to obtain more houses on your monopolies.

The price difference between one and three houses is huge. Having three houses will penalise any other player who lands there and increase your overall income.

And by doing this you can…

Create a Housing Shortage

As there are only 32 houses available, the more you have, the less your opponents can buy.

There are two benefits to doing this.

You will earn more money every time someone lands on your property, and limit their capacity to make money. It also stops them from building hotels.

A hotel requires four houses. Acquiring four is difficult for your opponents if you are buying all of the houses, but this strategy may mean you receive a verbal ear-bashing or two!

Going to Jail can be a Good Thing

In Monopoly, going to jail is usually a bad thing, and you’ll want to get out as quickly as possible.

However, staying in jail can work to your advantage in the latter stages of the game. At this point, the board will be filled with multiple houses and hotels.

By staying in jail for three turns, you avoid potentially landing on your opponent’s properties and having to pay them large amounts.

And there you have it – My tips to help you triumph at Monopoly this Christmas.

All it leaves me to do is wish you a Merry Christmas and successful Monopoly-playing festive season.

*Strategic Expat's Christmas Disclaimer:

  • Monopoly wins based on the advice above are not guaranteed.

  • Arguments may ensue when implementing the tactics mentioned within this article. Strategic Expat cannot be held responsible for any boards being overturned, or all-out rage by your opponents.

  • For personal advice about this article, or any other financial subject, please do not hesitate to contact me

  • You can view and download a pdf version of this article here

  • The full library of Blog article PDF files can be found here


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